A Third Constitutional Convention for the State of Chuuk was convened and completed its work by passing fourteen proposed amendments to the Chuuk State Constitution in October, 2004.  These fourteen constitutional amendment proposals will be subject to approval by the voters of the State of Chuuk in elections to be held in March, 2005.
     The full text of the fourteen constitutional amendment proposals, accompanying committee reports, and the journal of the Third Consitutional Convention are posted on this page as a public service for dissemination, public review, and discussion.
     Simply click on the proposal, committee report or journal entry to view it in either Acrobat "pdf" or "html" format.  Users should feel free to print copies of these documents to share with other interested persons who may not have internet access.
     Any questions regarding the information posted from the Third Chuuk State Constitutional Convention should be directed to Mr. Hernak Paul, Secretary of the Third Constitutional Convention, at the Chuuk State Legislature; Office of the Legislative Counsel; P.O. Box 907; Weno, Chuuk  FM  96942; phone no. 691-330-2721.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-01, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Art. XI of the Constitution by adding a new section 7 relating to the protection of intellectual property rights, and to renumber subsequent sections accordingly.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-04, SD1, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Secs. 5, 7, and 9 of Art. VII of the Constitution relating to the number and composition of justices on appeal; establishing a roster of justices to hear cases at the trial and appellate divisions of the State Supreme Court in the case of conflict of interest or disqualifications; and qualifications of justices.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-05, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 7 of Art. VI of the Constitution by making the candidates for  Governor and Lt. Governor run on separate tickets.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-06, CD2, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 8 of Art. VIII of the Constitution, relating to the prohibition of government from levying tax on real property.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-07, CD5, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Secs. 4 and 6 of Art. VIII of the Constitution by amending certain sections regarding limitation on the alteration of the operation and infrastructure funds allocations.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-08, CD2, COWD1, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 10 of Art. VI of the Constitution relating to the creation of departments of the Executive Branch. 
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-10, CD2, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 2 of Art. XIII of the Constitution to include Piis-Panewu as a municipality and to update the names of certain municipalities. 
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-21, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 2 of Art. XIII of the Constitution relating to the establishment, mandate and recognition of Etten as a municipality within the Southern Namoneas region.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-22, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 1 of Art. XII of the Constitution relating to the general election.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-27, CD3, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Secs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11(b) and (c), 12, 13, 14(a) and (b), 15, 16(a) and (c), 17, 18, and 19(b) and (c) of Art. V of the Constitution.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-29, CD1, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Secs. 3 and 4 of Art. X of the Constitution relating to the power of the Board of Education and qualifications.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-32, COWD1, CD1, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Adding a new section to Art. VII of the Constitution relating to the disposition of State Supreme Court cases.
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-34, CD1, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Art. V of the Constitution, by changing the bicameral legislature to a unicameral legislature. 
CONVENTION PROPOSAL NO. 3-37, COWD1, SAD1 (Acrobat "pdf" version)  - Amending Sec. 9(a) of Art. V of the Constitution by deleting the mandatory requirement that the Public Auditor be a CPA.
Journal of the Third Chuuk State Constitutional Convention:

ARTICLE I.   Territory

ARTICLE II.   Supremacy

ARTICLE III.   Declaration of Rights

ARTICLE IV.   Traditional Rights

ARTICLE V.   Legislative

ARTICLE VI.   Executive

ARTICLE VII.   Judicial


ARTICLE IX.   Public Officers and Employees

ARTICLE X.   Education and Health

ARTICLE XI.   General Provisions

ARTICLE XII.   Suffrage and Elections

ARTICLE XIII.   Municipalities

ARTICLE XIV.   Amendments

ARTICLE XV.   Transition

If you would like to view or print out the entire Chuuk State Constitution in one document without the annotations, click the following link.
Entire Chuuk State Constitution (no annotations)