The State of Chuuk is one of the four states that make up the Federated States of of Micronesia, along with the states of Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap.  Chuuk is the state with the largest population with about 53,000 people, with more than 40,000 of those living on the larger islands in the main lagoon.
     Chuuk is located about 1,000 kilometers southeast of Guam.  Chuuk consists of 11 high mangrove-fringed islands in the Chuuk lagoon, and a series of 14 outlying atolls and low islands surrounding the lagoon.  The main islands, Weno, Tonoas, Uman, and Fefan are located in the main lagoon.
     Chuuk lagoon is one of the world's best and most well known wreck diving sites, as there were dozens of Japanese warships and aircraft sunk in the lagoon during World War II.
     Chuuk State has its own constitutional government with three co-equal branches of government consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
    The Governor and Lieutenant Governor are the leaders of the Executive Branch and have the primary duty of executing the laws and administering state government services.  See, Art. VI of the Chuuk Constitution.
     The legislative or law making power of the state is vested in the Legislature, which consists of two houses, the Senate and the House of Representatives.  This power extends to all rightful subjects of legislation not inconsistent with the Chuuk Constitution or the Constitution of the Federated States of Micronesia.
     The Senate consists of 10 members, with the President of the Senate as its highest officer.  The House of Representatives consists of 28 members, with the Speaker as it's highest officer. See, Art. V of the Chuuk Constitution.
    The Chuuk State Supreme Court has constitutional jurisdiction to review the actions of any state administrative agency, and decide all relevant questions of law, interpret constitutional and statutory provisions and determine the meaning or applicability of the terms of an agency action.  See, Art. VII of the Chuuk Constitution.
     The top state leaders and some key staff are as follows:
Governor:   Hon. Wesley W. Simina, Esq.
Lt. Governor:   Hon. Johnson Elimo
Chief of Staff:  Mr. Wilfred Robert
Spec. Asst., Legislative Affairs:  Mr. Masachiro Christlib
Spec. Asst., Transp. & Gov't Affairs:  Mr. Lambert Lokopwe
Spec. Asst., Soc. Affairs:  Mr. Kichy Joseph
Attorney General:   Hon. Joses Gallen, Esq.
Chief Litigator: 
Director (Dir.) Admin. Services:  Hon. Jesse Mori
Dir., Agriculture:  Hon. Innocente Penne
Dir., Education:  Mr. Sanfio Sony
Dep. Dir., Education:  Mr. Noah Ruben
Dir., Health Services:   Hon. Julio Marar
Dir., Public Works:  Hon. Nelson Killion
Dir., Transportation:  Capt. Thomas Narruhn
Dir., Marine Resources:   Hon. Romio Osiena 
Dir., Public Safety:  Hon. Jimmy Emilio
Disaster Office:  Mr. Eric Paul
Election Commission:  Mr. Yasen Harry
Land Commission:  Mr. K. M. Mailo
Visitors Authority:  Mr. Mason Fritz
President, Senate:  Hon. Mark Mailo
Vice President, Senate:   Hon. Ichiro Choram
Floor Leader:  Hon. Alanso Cholymay
Chief Clerk, Senate:  Mrs. Songkinita Bossy
Speaker, House of Rep.:   Hon. Singkoro Harper
Vice Speaker, House of Rep.:  Hon. Bino Rafael
Floor Leader:  Hon. Innocente Oneisom
Chief Clerk, House of Rep.:  Mr. Herter Sorim
Legislative Counsel:  Mr. Jack Fritz
Chief Justice:   Hon. Camillo Noket, Esq.
Associate Justices:
      Hon. Keske S. Marar
      Hon. Midasy O. Aisek
Chief Clerk of Courts:  Mr. Kency Conrad
Appellate Clerk of Courts:  Mr. Kereta Dereas
Director of Administration:  Mr. Isauo Kuena
State Sup. Ct. Attorney:  Mr. Aaron Warren, Esq.
Other Agencies/Organizations
Public Defender:  Mr. George Isom
MLSC, Directing Attorney: 
MLSC, Staff Attorneys:
      Mr. Repeat Samuel
      Mr. Nahoy Selifis
      Mr. Deren Konman
Public Auditor:  [Vacant]
Senior Land Commissioner:  Mr. Freddy Raisom

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