The following selected regulations of the State of Chuuk were provided to the LIS Project by the Office of the Attorney General, State of Chuuk.  These reflect only a small portion of the entire body of regulations of the State of Chuuk.
     Any discrepancies in these regulations should be resolved in favor of the regulations as officially distributed by the agency or governmental entity of the State of Chuuk from which the regulations originated.
     Regulations are often promulgated, and subject to change or amendment at any time, utilizing the procedures set forth in the administrative procedures laws  of the respective jurisdiction.  Therefore, users of these regulations are advised to  check with the originating agency or governmental entity for any changes or amendments to the regulations prior to utilizing them.
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     For more general information on the regulations of the State of Chuuk, please contact the Office of the Attorney General, State of Chuuk.


  • Sub-part A.   Examination
    Sub-part B.   Position and Appointment
    Sub-part C.   Terminations Other Than For Personal
    Sub-part D.   Grievance
    Sub-part E.   Disciplinary Action
    Sub-part F.   Appeals From Disciplinary Actions
    Sub-part A.   Political Activities
    Sub-part B.   Ethical and Other Conduct and
    Sub-part A.   Classification
    Sub-part B.   Compensation
    Sub-part A.   Leaves Of Abscence

  • Section 1.   General Purpose
    Section 2.   Covered Employees
    Section 3.   Designated Administrator
    Section 1.   Compensation Plan
    Section 2.   Promotions
    Section 3.   Demotion
    Section 4.   Disposition of Leave Upon Separation
    Section 5.   Overtime Compensation and Control
         A.   General
         B.   Control of Overtime
         C.   Approval of Overtime
         D.   Supervision of Overtime Work
    Section 6.   Use of Standard Workweek
    Section 7.   Holidays< div>
    Section 8.   Bar to Dual Compensation or Dual
    Section 1.   Purpose
    Section 2.   Leave With Pay
         A.   Annual Leave
         B.   Maximum Accumulation
         C.   Sick Leave
         D.   Leave Advance
         E.   Training and Education Leave
         F.   Compassionate Leave
         G.   Excused Absence (Administrative Leave)
    Section 3.   Leave Without Pay
         A.   Maternity Leave
         B.   Training and Education Leave
         C.   Annual Leave Without Pay
    Section 4.   Unauthorized Leave
    Section 5.   Responsibilities
    Section 1.   Non-Disciplinary Terminations
         A.   Resignation
         B.   Retirement, Voluntary
         C.   Termination for Medical Reasons
    Section 2.   Disciplinary Action
         A.   Authority to Take Disciplinary Action
         B.   Employee Coverage
         C.   Purpose of Disciplinary Action
         D.   Suspension Not To Exceed 30 Work Days
         E.   Demotions
         F.   Removals
         G.   Disciplinary Action Prerequisites
         H.   No Appeal
         I.     Disciplinary Action File
    Section 1.   Purpose
    Section 2.   Travel Requirements
    Section 1.   General
    Section 2.   Budget Preparation
    Section 3.   Accounting
    Section 4.   Expenditure of Judiciary funds
    Section 5.   Property Policy
    Section 6.   Disposition of Property
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